Fear of Transmitting Others, positive nurse Corona Suicide

He is known to work at the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza, one of the areas in Lombardy that is the center of the spread of the corona virus in Italy.

Quoting The Guardian, he worked in an intensive care unit for patients who were quarantined after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

The Italian National Nurses' Federation expressed its sorrow and anxiety over Trezzi's death amid a surge in corona deaths from 743 deaths in 24 hours on Tuesday (3/24).

"The conditions and pressures experienced by professionals like us to meet the expectations of many people. We have chosen this profession for good, but unfortunately, we also become people with high risks," the federation wrote as quoted by the New York Post.

Before deciding to end his life, Trezzi is known to be treated at the hospital where he worked since March 10 last.

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General Manager of the San Gerardo Hospital, Mario Alparone, said that after his treatment since March 10, his condition had gradually improved and his status was no longer under surveillance.

The police will conduct further investigations related to the death of Trezzi.

The Italian research institute noted that as of Tuesday, around 5,760 medical workers had been infected with the corona virus.

Italy became the second country with the highest corona virus infection in the world after China. As of Thursday (3/26), Italy recorded 74,386 cases of corona virus with 7,503 deaths and 9,362 patients declared cured.

Although the number of cases is still below China, the death rate from the corona virus in Italy is the highest in the world. China so far reports 3,287 patients have died and 74,041 patients have recovered.

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