Google Duo can now Video Calls Up to 12 People

Google Duo
Google Duo is currently known as one of the video call applications that is quite famous because it is on almost all Android smartphones. This Duo application presents a smoother video call service.

Recently, the WFH (Work From Home) activity undertaken to prevent the spread of the corona virus has made many people use the video call service to communicate.

It also made Google jump in and provide their support to the people who work in WFH by increasing the number of users in the Group Video Call feature for Google Duo.

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If initially the Group Video Call feature can only accommodate 8 people, Google is now known to have increased its capacity to 12 people. Of course this is very helpful for Google Duo users.

"We realize that group calls are very important at this time. So that's why we increased the number of group call participants from 8 to 12 people starting today," Google said.

Although the number of participants increases, Google will ensure that its Google Duo service will not experience problems that will harm users when using the application.

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