Hospitals in Italy cannot be enough to accommodate Covid-19 patients

The condition was conveyed by the Mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori. In addition to not enough hospital rooms, medical resources are also lacking.

Gori said the health care system was completely overwhelmed by the COVID-19 outbreak. "Everyone works from 8:00 in the morning until we pass out exhausted at night," he said.

"Too many people who arrive at the hospital late and in serious condition, require intubation in the intensive care unit (ICU)," Gori said, as quoted by Russia Today, Thursday (3/26/2020).

Gori added, in the Bergamo area alone more than 300 people died last week.

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"Many cannot reach the hospital and die at home. Almost all of them are parents with pneumonia and Covid-19 cases who sneak under the radar," he explained.

"It's difficult ... to intercept such people in time, and there is no room for everyone in the hospital," he complained.

Lombardy has become the center of the spread of the new corona virus in Italy. In that country, there were 74,386 cases or people infected with 7,503 of whom had died and 9,362 patients had been cured.

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