Introduction to Basic HTML

(HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language used to create a web page, display various information in an Internet web browser and formulate a simple hypertext format written in the ASCII format file in order to produce an integrated appearance. In other words, files created on the device word processing software and stored in normal ASCII format so that it becomes a web page with HTML commands.

Starting from a language that was previously widely used in the world of publishing and printing called SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), HTML is a standard that is widely used to display web pages. HTML is now an Internet standard that is defined and controlled for its use by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). HTML was created by the collaboration of Caillau TIM with Berners-lee Robert when they worked at CERN in 1989 (CERN is a high-energy physics research institute in Geneva).
- Integrating images with writing.
- Making links.
- Integrating sound files and recorded live images.
- Create interactive forms.

HTML documents are similar to ordinary written documents, only in this document a writing can contain instructions that are marked with code or better known as a particular TAG. For example if you want to make the text displayed as thick as: LOOK THICK, then the writing is done by: <b> LOOK THICK </b>. The <b> mark is used to activate bold instructions, followed by the text you want to bold, and ends with the </b> mark to deactivate the bold print. HTML places more emphasis on describing the structural components and formatting within a web page rather than determining its appearance. While the web browser is used to interpret the arrangement of the page into the built-in style of the web browser by using the type of text, tabs, colors, lines, and text alignment desired to the computer display web pages.

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One of the important things about the existence of HTML is the availability of Lingua franca (Communication language) between computers with different abilities. Macintosh users cannot see the same display as the display seen on a Windows-based pc. Microsoft Windows users will not be able to see the same look as the display seen on users who use SunMicrosystems Products. however, these users can see all of the web pages that have been formatted and contain graphics and links.

Editing HTML writing formats allows one to edit the appearance or format of files that will be transmitted over online media. Some things you can do in determining file format are:
- Display a group of words in several sizes that can be used for titles, headings and so on.
- Display writing in bold print
- Display a group of words in italics
- Display the script in the form of letters that are similar to typewriter results
- Changing the size of the writing for a particular character.

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