One of the Positive Liquid Team Players Infected by Covid-19!

Just now a surprising news came from the famous Esports organization, Team Liquid. The reason is one of his Apex Legends players, Brenden 'Casper' Marino, was reported positive for covid-19 virus after undergoing checking.

At first Casper had experienced some symptoms of the corona virus when he entered the Twitch Rivals tournament for the game Call of Duty: Warzone which was held online.

At that time Casper complained that he had a high fever and felt like he was almost dead. As a result their team won 7th place in the online tournament.

"We got 7th position. I felt almost dead. Playing when I was sick. Fever 100+. Moreover, we get a zone that is not in line with expectations," Casper wrote through his Twitter account.

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But shortly after, Casper reported that he had tested positive for the corona virus. The nurse who handled Casper said that he was too worried about Casper who was still young because he had high immunity.

"My COVID test was positive. The nurse there was not too worried about me because I was young. They only told me to isolate myself for 2 weeks in a row. Thank you for your support," Casper wrote.

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