The world internet network is slowing down because of Covid-19

Slow Internet
According to Speedtest data, the average download speed of fixed broadband in the US dropped from 140 Mbps at the beginning of March 2020 to 133 Mbps in mid-March. Canada also experienced a decline in the same period, from 129 Mbps to 121 Mbps.

In Europe, the average download speed in Germany dropped from 103 Mbps to 93 Mbps, while Italy recorded a decline from 130 Mbps to 126 Mbps.

Countries in Asia have a different pattern of decline. In China, the home country of the corona virus, the Covid-19 outbreak occurred earlier in 2020.

The decline in internet speeds in China was also recorded to decrease in mid-January, but after that gradually rose again, raised by Mashable, Thursday (2/4/2020).

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The decline in internet speed can be a problem in the midst of an increasingly high need to work and study at home.

To keep the internet network from being overburdened, video streaming service providers such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV, and YouTube took the initiative to reduce the quality of videos on their services to be more economical.

In Indonesia, cellular operators are also committed to increase bandwidth and prepare their networks to handle high traffic, to help residents stay at home.

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